CAFECC values our volunteers who work tirelessly to promote and help grow our organization. We are constantly looking for motivated individuals to serve God’s kingdom in the area of microfinance and micro-enterprise development. Whether serving at home or right here in Arua, we have opportunities for you!


You’ve got a heart for the poor, eager to see microfinance in action, and a passion for spreading the gospel. Oh, and you’ve always wanted to visit Africa.

Sounds like a perfect candidate for an internship position at CAFECC. Come join our team and let your God-given gifts empower those in this amazing corner of Uganda. Learn about a completely unique culture while seeing microfinance work on-the-ground. Enjoy the warm hospitality of Arua, and explore the opportunities to change peoples lives on multiple levels. Visit our partner, PEER Servants to apply for an internship with CAFECC.

Previous Interns at CAFECC:

  • Adam Tarnowsky (March-May 2011)
  • Bertram Lim (June 2011)
  • John Mahon (Nov 2011-May 2012)
  • Daniel and Florina Burns (June 2012)
  • Ryan Shenk (May -July 2013)
  • Brandon and Jennifer Lewis (April 2014)
  • Carolyn Ruh (July-August 2014)

Volunteering At Home

Love what we do, but can’t manage to visit us in Arua? You can still help in a number of ways:

CAFECC Cheer Squad

We need your help in spreading the word about how we’re changing the face of Northwest Uganda. Think you have what it takes to be a part of the CAFECC cheerleading team? Not ashamed to plug us incessantly in your community’s churches? Love to tweet about us or help us maintain our facebook page? Contact us, and we’ll give you the tools needed to succeed.

CAFECC Collectors

“I’d love to donate to your cause, but I’m broke!” That’s great! How about donating some time towards fundraising instead? No, we’re not talking about holding a $100-a-plate gala with Mohammed Yunus as the keynote speaker (although we wouldn’t stop you from trying). Try a $5-a-plate dinner in your basement apartment with your small group at church. In fact $50 can give a budding entrepreneur her first loan with CAFECC – enough to start her journey to economic and spiritual empowerment.  Start sharing your fundraising ideas with us today.

CAFECC Collaborators

Wanted: People ready and able to geek-it-out and help keep our online presence up-to-date and fresh. A good knowledge of wordpress theme editing and creation, php, html, css, and other wiz-bang technologies would help us greatly. Got a knack for design and handy with illustratration? Even better! Contact us today!

Have any questions about helping out CAFECC?  Email us at