Prayer is an integral part of our daily life at CAFECC. We know that without direction from God, our efforts are meaningless.

We pray to God to guide us, to intervene for us, and to rejuvenate us during times of difficulty. In this spirit, we need people just like you interceding on our behalf.  Please continue to pray for us in the following areas:

  • Discernment for CAFECC’s future
  • Our client’s well being — that their businesses and families are blessed by our work
  • We are able to improve our ability to engage people’s spiritual life
  • Our staff members are continually rejuvenated and feel Christ’s presence as they encounter difficult situations in the field, which oftentimes includes long days, little recognition, and empathizing with client hardships
  • We find other organizations to partner with, allowing us to further our vision for the materially poor in Northern Uganda.