We are excited about partnering with churches, NGOs, and other organizations to join hands in bringing economic stabilization and spiritual transformation to the entrepreneurs of Arua, Uganda. Read about our existing partnership to see how it works.

PEER Servants

CAFECC has been partners with PEER Servants since 2005. PEER is a volunteer-based non-governmental organization in Boston, Massachusetts (USA) that partners with indigenous Christian microfinance institutions worldwide. They currently have ten partners, three of which are in Africa.

PEER Servants has a unique vision in partnering with CAFECC. While PEER is a CAFECC donor, it also partners closely with us to develop staff skills, advise our board, and understand our client base on a personal level. PEER is interested not only in donating funds, time, and energy to CAFECC, but also intentionally learning from us and uniting with us to follow Christ better.

In addition, PEER Servants hosts an international conference with representatives from all its partners every four years, an experience that has created personal connections between CAFECC leaders and other Christian MFIs around the globe, in places like the Philippines, Moldova, India, Mexico, Haiti, and many others. We are excited about learning from many of these programs, which range from start-ups to established institutions with thousands of clients, how to serve the community of Arua better.

PEER Servants sends volunteers to Arua, Uganda to visit CAFECC nearly once a year. Their most recent trip was in the summer of 2013, during which PEER Servants’ president, Todd, led the team in consulting the CAFECC staff and board about our vision and operations. PEER Servants has also sent several interns to Arua to work with CAFECC.

If you are interested in learning more about PEER Servants and its global vision, you can visit PEER Servants’ website at www.peerservants.org.






CAFECC has been partners with endPoverty.org since April 2015. endPoverty.org is a faith-based non-profit that works with local organizations in the developing world to empower individuals and families to lift themselves out of the entanglements of poverty.

endPoverty operates by the strategy that strengthening a country begins with the quality of the services provided within a country. Rather than administering a large number of permanent branch offices around the world, over the years they have helped form and strengthen many indigenous, Christian organizations (CAFECC inclusive) to utilize the benefits of carefully crafted microenterprise operations as a means of developing their communities. They help these ministries strive towards the financial sustainability of their program and then to grow in compatible directions based on the needs of their community and as their organizational capabilities and resources lead them.

endPoverty has offered capacity building to CAFECC a number of times now, by sending their staff down to CAFECC in August 2015 and April 2016.

If you are interested in learning more about endPoverty.org you can their website at www.endPoverty.org.