In 2005, CAFECC was officially opened by members of the community in Arua, Uganda.  Originally conceived to help Southern Sudan, Arua was chosen as CAFECC’s first branch due to its proximity with Sudan, stable environment, and need for a strong micro-enterprise development program.

Founding members first identified the huge impact an organization like CAFECC could have on the community after forming a relationship with PEER Servants, an American organization that partners with grassroots Christian microfinance institutions (MFIs) around the world.  Learning from PEER Servants, the members became convinced that microfinance services coupled with a Christian heart of servanthood would be a unique and transformative way to empower the people of Arua.

As the organization took shape, members recognized that the relationship with clients had to be more than just a business transaction between lender and its borrowers.  The solidarity groups, which form the backbone of CAFECC’s repayment process, were seen as a way for CAFECC to display God’s love and mercy to the materially poor while providing invaluable business skills, encouragement, and prayer to its clients.  Today these groups are still proving to be invaluable for our clients as they offer a place of learning, dialog between entrepreneurs, and encouragement.  CAFECC’s original vision still rings clear today – that clients are empowered to lift themselves out of poverty and mirror a Christ-like attitude in their business and family.

CAFECC has expanded greatly and now serves over 600 clients, many of whom are responsible repeat clients using our provided services to grow their businesses.  Despite the proliferation of large commercial microfinance organizations in Arua’s central business district, our target demographic remains underserved by MFIs largely due to their rural location and the prohibitively high cost of transportation they would require to access such capital.  We at CAFECC believe this will be the motivating factor for our future growth.

We aim to grow our capacity and diversify our products while strengthening the initiatives we take to spiritually empower our clients. This growth will be primarily targeting clients living on the outskirts of Arua who have fewer economic opportunities and little access to loan capital.  Read more about our future.

Want to help CAFECC grow?  A donation of only $50 will give another entrepreneur the chance to empower herself and her family.