Executive Director


Patrick joined CAFECC  in January 2010, and became Executive Director in April 2011.  Patrick has passion for music ministry, and plays guitar during devotion in the office and also in the monthly fellowship with clients.

“I desired to work somewhere that would have positive spiritual impact on my life and the lives of those around me. That’s exactly what I keep experiencing in CAFECC.  We are unique in that we are the only Christian microfinance institution in Northwestern Uganda. We seek spiritual direction in everything we do. I believe my job is truly a ministry for advancing the kingdom of God.”


Administrative Assistant


Jane has worked with World Health Organization and DED, and she now complements the Executive Director in accounting and management roles. She has a great love for God and for the people of Arua. Her life is a testimony to the power of God — after eleven years of debilitating illness she was miraculously healed  and now she is truly free indeed. Glory to God!

“CAFECC is not like other organizations. Working here has helped me grow spiritually, and I laugh every day. I love working here.”


Loan Officer


Jimmy is a hard-working, dedicated loan officer who has been with CAFECC since its inception in 2005. After many years in the financial sector, including work with other microfinance institutions, Jimmy found his fit with CAFECC.  As a businessman, a devoted Christian, and leader in the church, Jimmy saw working for CAFECC as more than just a way to earn a living.  He knows his work fulfills God’s call to empower the poor and share one’s faith.

“CAFECC is so great. You see, it has really helped me see what God is doing in Arua.”


Loan Officer


Joshua joined the CAFECC family in 2005 as a client. He was the 3rd placed winner of the 2009 Lydia Award, and received a prize of $500. He is very grateful that God blessed him with a job in CAFECC in June of 2014.

“I have liked being in this family because of the love and trust that the CAFECC donors and the staff have in the Almighty God, the supportive, friendly and brotherly working environment. Long live our donors, our clients and the staff. May the name of the Almighty God be praised.


Loan Officer

chrisChris began working with CAFECC in June 2014. He is a hardworking loan officer and an uncompromising man of integrity. He addresses issues with a problem-solving mindset and very much appreciates the role of teamwork in achieving objectives. When not at CAFECC, he enjoys listening to radio programs like “Turning Point” and “Let My People Think,” which are run on Voice of Life fm, a local radio station.

“It feels nice to have been part of the CAFECC family from day one, and I quickly got used to fellow staff and the environment. CAFECC has  challenged me to do more for God, and I would like to see it grow to new heights.”


Loan Officer


Carolyn joined the CAFECC staff in June 2014. She studied Business Administration and currently works hard as a loan officer. She truly hopes that the loans given to the clients will give them a bright hope and future.

“I’m so grateful to God for the opportunity he has granted me to work with CAFECC. It is interesting and influential to be with the organization. Therefore, I love CAFECC.”


Accounts Assistant


Denis joined CAFECC as a full time staff in September 2016. This was after 3 years of volunteering with CAFECC in general, and specically as a coordinator of CAFECC PEER Teens’ ministry for atleast 2 years, and as PEER Servants volunteer in the department of communication. He also is a graphics designer, and above all Denis has a great passion for serving God, as manifested in his tireless participation in ministry activities.


Business Training Instructor

In the beginning of 2013, CAFECC sought the help of Isaac to provide business training to new loan clients. Isaac leads a unique and interactive training that is well appreciated by clients. Training includes topics of record keeping, customer service, business planning, and management. Since implementing the training, client repayment rates and loan sizes have increased!

Our Board

CAFECC is governed by a board of members made up of a diverse set of professional women and men from around the West Nile district of Uganda and Southern Sudan.

  • Isaac Todoko Peter (Chairperson)
  • Nancy Angulibo (Treasurer)
  • Robert Adralia (Secretary)
  • Mary Salesa Ondoga
  • John Milton Anguyo (Rev.Can.Dr.)
  • Onesmus Dralega (Can.)
  • Daisy Bandaru Yayi