At CAFECC, we believe in the value of fellowship as the Body of Christ and look for opportunities to grow in our faith and reach out to non-believers in partnership with our clients.

Because of this mission, we officially opened the CAFECC Client-Staff Fellowship (CCSF) in August of 2011. We invite all of our clients to the office on the last Tuesday evening of every month. We clear the desks and move all the chairs to create a space for worship, teaching, dancing, sharing, and good food. Clients invite their friends and relatives, and our community has an opportunity to know our staff outside of business interactions and learn more about CAFECC. On some occasions, we have had to set up our 100-seater tarpaulin and chairs outside the office building to have this fellowship because of the big number in attendance.

Part of the evening we dedicate to worship and teaching. We invite guest clergy to share the Word of God in our Fellowship – we have a number of distinguished preachers from the different archdeaconries within Madi and West Nile Diocese.

We also invite everyone to share testimonies and prayer requests, and we pray for each other as a group. As the CAFECC community, we experience our union in Christ as believers and seek God together, asking for His Holy Spirit to live in us.

To understand how our Fellowship fulfills our purpose as an institution, read more about our mission.

Some photos of the fellowship meetings